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digital services to the Guardians and Students
Published on Monday, January 3, 2022

Digital techology is the key to providing equal access to all and essential for the development of the our traditional education system. For this reason, Teesta International School (ISC) has adopted digital services from its very first journey in all of its services.

Intelligentsia has achieved a milestone throught its online classes, online exams and  others activities during the covid-19 pandemics. It has started its online activities from the first week of April 2020. 


Very recently Intelligentia has developed its online services to the upper level to ensure the real online taste and facilities to the students and guardians of all classes of Intellignetsia School and College. By using this software, all the the students will join the classes and also the examination by this software. Even they will get their results and all information by logging into the respective id. This will also provide the opportunity submit their payment digitally by using baksh, rocket or Credir/Debit Card.

The online services in details are as follows:

This software is now the only complete education management solution with online exams, live classes and e-learning.

Online Exam:
Taking exams online is very easy now. The teacher can easily create exams and question papers by entering his panel and the students can log in to their account and participate in the exams in time. At the end of the test, a tabulation sheet with result and merit list is created with one click. And with it there is auto result SMS notification.

Online Live Class:
Due to the huge demand for online classes, Edutech has introduced the online live class feature. Unlimited sessions, unlimited time and unlimited students will be able to participate. No more hassle of link sharing or password sharing!
Now it is easiest to take classes online. With just one click, the teacher will reach all the students in his batch. And students can join his classroom with one click. 👍

No one other than the student admitted in any batch has the opportunity to enter. Students will also be able to speak directly. Live chat will continue. If you want, the teacher can mute all the students. If you want, you can share the video as well as your computer screen. It also comes with the facility of video recording which you can later upload to YouTube channel to create e-learning content.

With all the main features of the regular. Collection of arrears of students, calculation of arrears of teachers, giving of class schedule, giving notice, giving results, taking attendance, sending auto sms at every event.

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